You Are Not Alone

With Maplewood and Essex County, NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer Marc P. Feldman at Your Side, You Are Not Alone For Long.

I understand how difficult it is to make the decision to file bankruptcy. For most people, filing bankruptcy is seen as the “last resort” but I want to encourage you to instead think about making bankruptcy one of your first options. Many people wait too long to file bankruptcy. They wait until a judgment has been entered so their wages and bank accounts are being garnished or refinancing of their home becomes more complicated. Or they wait until their retirement accounts are depleted, jeopardizing their future and that of their children. Or they wait until they’ve spent thousands of dollars on debt settlement programs that provide no relief.

At the New Jersey Bankruptcy Law Office of Marc P. Feldman, I am committed to helping people eliminate debt. I understand the crushing burden and stress that too much debt creates and I want to provide relief that helps people focus on more important things in life. I help debtors discharge their debts in bankruptcy and also pursue violations of law that put money back into the pockets of our clients. There’s nothing better for a bankruptcy client than to be rid of all their debt and get money from their creditors too!

There are options for consumers and small businesses in debt and debtors do have rights.  Filing bankruptcy can provide the “fresh start” you’ve been seeking. Thousands of consumers and small businesses file bankruptcy in New Jersey each year because they’ve been hit by unemployment, medical bills, rising prices, or the housing crisis. The New Jersey Bankruptcy Law Office of Marc P. Feldman provides thorough and skilled representation in Consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Attorney Marc P. Feldman can help people in New Jersey to keep their homes by using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to cure their mortgage defaults or to strip off second or third mortgages.

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